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Prompt Yes! is a division of AcademyX, a 20-year old company based in San Francisco, with deep roots in the software training industry. We pride ourselves on the quality of our instructors and the feedback we receive from our customers.




Through the training, I gained hands-on experience with ChatGPT and learned the basics of prompt engineering, which is a crucial component for effectively utilizing the language model. Additionally, the training covered ways to increase workplace productivity with ChatGPT, which was extremely helpful in understanding how to apply the technology in a practical setting.
Thank you so much! It was fun, and Dan was most accommodating throughout the course. We did a lot of hands-on work, and Dan responded to our questions in a prompt, clear manner.
Thank you for the recent class. Your knowledge and clear explanations were impressive and impactful. It was an enlightening experience that I’ll carry forward.
Just dropping in to say that was a great first half of the course and excited to learn more. Thank you!

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