Midjourney Class: Basics to Mastery

This hands-on, instructor-led Midjourney class is an intro to the most popular AI text-to-image tool, with over 3 million registered users. To use it, you simply type a description of the image you want to create and watch as Midjourney magically builds and renders images for you to choose from. The images it creates can be anything from photo-realistic restaurant ads to classic logo designs to dystopian cyberpunk scenes. To get truly stunning images that are exactly what you imagined, though, you need to master certain “prompt engineering” techniques and understand how to apply the most important Midjourney parameters that control the image generation process under the hood.

Getting Started: Midjourney only works within Discord. Navigate the cluttered Discord interface and learn how it works with the Midjourney bot. Set up your company’s private forum and invite coworkers to share generated images.

Easy Wins: See what is possible with basic Midjourney prompts. Create stunning images using settings for environment, artistic media, lighting, color, mood, and composition.

Business Uses: Midjourney examples often feature dystopian punk imagery, but here’s how to use Midjourney for product and service images, consistent with your company’s brand and buyer persona.

Photorealistic Results: Learn the parameters that generate life-like images suitable for commercial ads and posters. Learn how camera lens settings impact the generated images.

Integrate with your Favorite Apps: Polish your Midjourney images in post-production apps: Photoshop, Stable Diffusion, and more.

Troubleshooting: Fix unnatural “artifacts” from Midjourney like extra fingers, mangled faces and other common problems.


Price: $95 for 2 hours. Instructor-led via Zoom.

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Class is conducted online over Zoom
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Midjourney Course Info

Prerequisites: You will need a paid ($10/month) Midjourney plan and a login for Discord. Midjourney only works within Discord. Call us if you have trouble setting it up.
Audience: Graphic designers, web designers, illustrators, photographers, artists and hobbyists.
Price: $95 for 2-hour live online class
Format: live, instructor-led class with hands-on exercises. Conducted over Zoom.

Class Outline

  • Introduction to Midjourney and Discord
    • What is Midjourney and how does it work?
    • How to create a private Discord channel and invite the Midjourney bot to it
    • How to use the “help,” “ask,” and “info” commands
    • Using the “settings” command to adjust creativity, speed, and allow for remixing
  • Using the “imagine” command to generate images from text prompts
    • Creating image set variations: designating how many variations should be generated and their variance
    • Creating image variants
    • Improving the final image with “upscaling”: removing blemishes, zooming, panning, and improving selected areas
  • Other Commands
    • Blending multiple images into a single output, with different weights
    • Characterizing an image in AI generative language with the “describe” command
  • Applying Parameters
    • Using the “aspect” parameter to generate images in specific aspect ratios
    • Adding the “no” parameter to exclude unwanted elements from images
    • Setting the “stylize” parameter to vary the level of stylizing Midjourney applies
    • Using prompt weights to break up image generation elements
  • Refining images with post-processing tips
    • How to use the “seed” parameter to set baseline images
    • How to find Job IDs and download generated images and prompts
  • Other AI image-generation tools
    • Bing (Microsoft), Gemini (Google), and Photoshop Generative Fill (Adobe)
    • Free: Stable Diffusion and PlayGround
  • Prompts to create:
    • Company and brand logos
    • Website mockups
    • Mobile app and thumbnail icons
    • Blog and social media post featured images
    • Architectural design concepts
    • Product photo backgrounds
    • Photo shoots for products
    • Product design concepts

What Can You Create with Midjourney?

In this class you’ll learn how to use Midjourney to create these types of images:

Midjourney for jewlery design use case
Product design concepts
Midjourney generated photo shoot of woman driving Tesla on beach
Photo shoots for ads
Cartoon style Midjourney illustration for blog post
Blog post images
Mockup of flower shop website
Website mockups
Circuit design app icon
App icons and thumbnails
Futuristic multi-level residence
Architecture design concepts
Cloudy bedroom background
Product backgrounds
Stylized bird logo created by Midjourney
Company logos


Thank you for the recent class. Your knowledge and clear explanations were impressive and impactful. It was an enlightening experience that I’ll carry forward.
-Elyanil C.
Just dropping in to say that was a great first half of the course and excited to learn more. Thank you!
-Jonathan C.
Thank you so much! It was fun, and Dan was most accommodating throughout the course. We did a lot of hands-on work, and Dan responded to our questions in a prompt, clear manner.
-Nor K.
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