ChatGPT Training Course for Beginners

This instructor-led ChatGPT training course will teach you everything from basic use cases to advanced techniques and powerful integrations. Get all your questions answered by an expert trainer and learn powerful techniques you can pass on to your coworkers.

Secret Settings in ChatGPT: Navigate the ChatGPT interface; discover little-known settings and powerful tweaks.

Explore Top Use Cases: Discover how ChatGPT can help you conduct research, write articles, evaluate contracts, translate languages, change text styles, generate code, analyze data, and more!

Troubleshoot Common Problems: Overcome typical errors like “at capacity” outages, truncated answers, over-the-limit inputs, and responses in the wrong format.

Master Prompt Engineering: Learn best practices to craft precise and effective prompts based on OpenAI’s recommendations.

Try Other AI Chatbots: Review and experiment with other chatbots like Bing Chat, Google Bard, Anthropic Claude and Poe. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Integrate with Your Favorite Apps: Seamlessly connect with Google apps, Excel and Zapier to unlock even more use cases.

Work with Files: Learn how to generate images, upload and analyze spreadsheets, evaluate contracts and resumes in PDFs, and flesh out PowerPoint presentations effortlessly.

Use Exclusive Plugins: Access the text of web pages to customize sales pitches and job applications. Ask about jobs with the Indeed plugin, search real estate with Zillow, and create short videos with HeyGen.

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Price: $95 for 2 hours, instructor-led via Zoom

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Course Info

Prerequisites: You will need an existing free OpenAI account for ChatGPT access.
Audience: Anyone who has played with ChatGPT but wants to use it more effectively.
Format: Live, instructor-led class with hands-on exercises. Conducted over Zoom.

  • Experiment with the top use cases for ChatGPT
  • Learn prompt engineering techniques and tips & tricks
  • Experiment with other chatbots and understand their pros and cons
  • Integrate ChatGPT with other online tools
  • Learn about the powerful features in the paid version of ChatGPT


Through the training, I gained hands-on experience with ChatGPT and learned the basics of prompt engineering, which is a crucial component for effectively utilizing the language model. Additionally, the training covered ways to increase workplace productivity with ChatGPT, which was extremely helpful in understanding how to apply the technology in a practical setting.
Thank you so much! It was fun, and Dan was most accommodating throughout the course. We did a lot of hands-on work, and Dan responded to our questions in a prompt, clear manner.
Thank you for the recent class. Your knowledge and clear explanations were impressive and impactful. It was an enlightening experience that I’ll carry forward.
Just dropping in to say that was a great first half of the course and excited to learn more. Thank you!

Detailed Course Outline

  • ChatGPT Basics
    • Little-known settings in the interface
    • Background info on large language models and OpenAI
    • Limitations of ChatGPT
    • Formatting and rendering the output
  • Top Use Cases
    • Research: getting answers to your questions
    • Generating content: emails, cover letters, marketing copy, code
    • Analyzing content: summarizing long text, analyzing data, classifying and parsing
    • Rewriting: translating spoken languages, programming languages; switching narrative voices; fixing grammar and style
  • Prompt Engineering Basics
    • Good versus bad prompts and how to think like a bot
    • Training GPT in your bio and writing style
    • Magic phrases: thinking step-by-step, giving your chatbot a role, asking for the unorthodox, ELI5, and more
    • Jailbreaking with DAN (Do Anything Now) mode
  • OpenAI’s “Playground” and API Keys
    • Getting around the “ChatGPT is at Capacity” error
    • Calibrating ChatGPT’s answers with settings for “temperature” and “max length”
    • Generating an API key and using it with other services
  • Alternatives to ChatGPT
    • How Bing Chat, Anthropic Claude, Google Bard, Llama, Poe and other chatbots are different from ChatGPT
    • Overcoming ChatGPT limitations
    • Other generative AI apps
  • Integrating ChatGPT with Other Apps
    • Google apps: Sheets, Docs and Slides
    • Excel and PowerPoint
    • Midjourney
    • Zapier
  • Advanced Data Analysis (paid version of ChatGPT only)
    • How it works
    • Manipulating images: generating QR codes and charts; converting .png to .webp
    • Analyzing files: spreadsheets, text files, and emails
    • Creating documents: a 10-slide PowerPoint presentation from a 10-item bulleted list in a PDF
  • Plugins (paid version of ChatGPT only)
    • Getting access to the web with WebPilot
    • Diagramming and charting with Show Me Diagrams
    • Analyzing contracts and reports with AskYourPDF
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