ChatGPT Workshop: Basics to Mastery

This instructor-led ChatGPT workshop will teach you everything from basic use cases to advanced techniques and powerful integrations. Get all your questions answered by an expert trainer and learn techniques you can pass on to your coworkers (or keep to yourself).

Secret Settings in ChatGPT: Navigate the ChatGPT interface; discover little-known settings and useful tweaks.

Explore Top Use Cases: Discover how ChatGPT can help you conduct research, write articles, evaluate contracts, translate languages, change text styles, generate code, analyze data, and more!

Troubleshoot Common Problems: Overcome typical errors like “at capacity” outages, over-the-limit pasted text, and output in the wrong format.

Master Prompt Engineering: Learn best practices to craft precise and effective prompts based on OpenAI’s recommendations.

Get the Paid Features for Free: If you don’t have the paid version of ChatGPT, you can still get all its premium features for free with a collection of alternative services.

Integrate with Your Favorite Apps: Seamlessly connect with Google Sheets, Excel and Zapier to unlock even more use cases.

Work with Files: Analyze spreadsheets and evaluate contracts. Write customized cover letters based on your resume. Answer client questions based on your email correspondence with them. Generate custom images and done-for-you MS Office docs.

Use Exclusive Plugins: Access a library of free plugins to get even more features: scrape web pages, check flights, look up real estate.

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Price: $95 for 2 hours, instructor-led via Zoom

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The workshop is conducted live over Zoom.
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Course Info

Prerequisites: You will need an existing free OpenAI account for ChatGPT access.
Audience: Anyone who has played with ChatGPT but wants to use it more effectively.
Format: Live, instructor-led class with hands-on exercises. Conducted over Zoom.

Detailed Course Outline

  • ChatGPT Basics
    • Important — but somewhat hidden — settings in the interface
    • Formatting the output: tables, outlines, and the console window
    • Customizing ChatGPT responses for your occupation, location, and other preferences
    • Features only available in the paid version of ChatGPT and how to get them for free by using alternative AI chabots
    • Limitations of ChatGPT
  • Top Use Cases
    • Research: getting answers to your questions
    • Generating content: emails, cover letters, marketing copy, code
    • Analyzing content: summarizing long text, analyzing data, classifying and parsing
    • Rewriting: translating spoken languages, programming languages; switching narrative voices; fixing grammar and style
  • Overcoming the Limitations of the Free Version of ChatGPT
    • Uploading files: alternative chatbots for querying individual PDFs, text files and spreadsheets
    • Drawing images: alternative text-to-image chatbots
    • Pasting big text: alternative chatbots with a larger “context window”
    • Training on your own data: alternative chatbots that you can train on a “knowledge base” of uploaded PDFs and text files
    • Executing code: free online services to transfer files and execute ChatGPT-written code
    • Scraping web pages: alternative chatbots to access individual web pages not in ChatGPT’s training data
    • Integrating web search results: alternative chatbots that can retrieve current headlines and parse the results of web searches
  • API Keys to Use Other Services that Rely on ChatGPT
    • How to generate an OpenAI API key
    • Where to use your new API key
  • Integrating ChatGPT with Google Sheets
    • Installing the extension
    • Using the “gpt()” spreadsheet function
    • Applying a ChatGPT prompt to multiple rows of data
  • Using the “Analysis” Feature (paid version of ChatGPT only)
    • How it works
    • Manipulating images: generating QR codes and charts; converting .png to .webp
    • Analyzing Excel spreadsheets
    • Querying PDFs and Word docs
    • Getting ChatGPT to dynamically create MS Office docs
  • Advanced Data Analysis (paid version of ChatGPT only)
    • How it works
    • Manipulating images: generating QR codes and charts; converting .png to .webp
    • Analyzing spreadsheets, contracts, and email correspondence
    • Creating documents: a 10-slide PowerPoint presentation from a 10-item bulleted list in a PDF


Through the training, I gained hands-on experience with ChatGPT and learned the basics of prompt engineering, which is a crucial component for effectively utilizing the language model. Additionally, the training covered ways to increase workplace productivity with ChatGPT, which was extremely helpful in understanding how to apply the technology in a practical setting.
-Tim V.
Thank you so much! It was fun, and Dan was most accommodating throughout the course. We did a lot of hands-on work, and Dan responded to our questions in a prompt, clear manner.
-Nor K.
Thank you for the recent class. Your knowledge and clear explanations were impressive and impactful. It was an enlightening experience that I’ll carry forward.
-Elyanil C.
Just dropping in to say that was a great first half of the course and excited to learn more. Thank you!
-Jonathan C.
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